Finally! Edit PDF’s Like A Pro

This is my first attempt to include a file with a Blog Post.   So, I hope it works….

Have you ever wanted to be able to edit a PDF file but didn’t have the right software or software skills to do it?  Well, never hear The Computer Guy is here!  (I know that is corny but I couldn’t resist.)

To find out how you can edit a PDF please check out the PPS I’ve attached.

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How To Open and Edit a PDF File (Portable Document Format) in MS Word

How To Open and Edit a PDF File (Portable Document Format) in MS Word

This morning one of my clients, Donna Zoglmann-Bittner, asked for my help in remembering how to OPEN and EDIT a PDF file in MS Word.  I told her I could not remember how to do that since I didn’t think it could be done.  Well, I was wrong.  it can be done.

This process is only available in MS Word 2013 and forward. The following steps in this example are performed using MS Word 2016.

Step #1 – Open MS

IMG_20161231_105248_560.jpg Word as though you will be starting a new document.  In the screen shot below you will notice a list of “Recent” documents.  Take note that there are some PDF’s listed.  You will not see any PDF’s in your list if you have not OPENED a PDF in Word before.  Look toward the bottom of the “Recent” documents list.

Step #2 – When you look toward the bottom of the Recent Documents List, choose “Open Other Documents.”  The screen below should be the next thing you see.  Under the word “Open,” you see a list of choices of places to look for the PDF. You should choose “Browse.”


Step #3 – After clicking on “Browse” you should see the following screen, but please keep in mind I am using a dual screen setup so you will only see the screen on the left of this photo if you use an “old fashioned single-screen setup.”


Now look to the bottom right-hand section of the pop-up window and you will see that it lists “All Word Documents” as the type of file to open.  There is a small drop-down button there.  Please click on it and look for the choice of PDF Files and click on it.  You can then browse your PDF’s to open and then edit in MS Word.

You next screen will simply tell you that it will be converted to MS Word and you must click on OK to complete the task.

The document will now open in Word and you are ready to edit.

Keep in mind that the conversion may lose some formatting during the conversion if the document contains a lot of stuff besides just plain text. (I tried a 192-page document with graphics and ended up with some editable text but also a lot of garbage on the screen.)

An alternative way to do this is to use Explorer, navigate to the PDF and right-click on the PDF and then choose “Open With” command and tell the system you wish to use MS Word to open it.

Happy typing!

Dennis TCG Wilson

Malware Installed on Travelers’ Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections

Malware Installed on Travelers’ Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections

05/08/12—Recent analysis from the FBI and other government agencies demonstrates that malicious actors are targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while they are establishing an Internet connection in their hotel rooms.

Recently, there have been instances of travelers’ laptops being infected with malicious software while using hotel Internet connections. In these instances, the traveler was attempting to set up the hotel room Internet connection and was presented with a pop-up window notifying the user to update a widely used software product. If the user clicked to accept and install the update, malicious software was installed on the laptop. The pop-up window appeared to be offering a routine update to a legitimate software product for which updates are frequently available.

The FBI recommends that all government, private industry, and academic personnel who travel abroad take extra caution before updating software products through their hotel Internet connection. Checking the author or digital certificate of any prompted update to see if it corresponds to the software vendor may reveal an attempted attack. The FBI also recommends that travelers perform software updates on laptops immediately before traveling, and that they download software updates directly from the software vendor’s website if updates are necessary while abroad.

Anyone who believes they have been a target of this type of attack should immediately contact their local FBI office and promptly report it to the IC3’s website at The IC3’s complaint database links complaints together to refer them to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration. The complaint information is also used to identify emerging trends and patterns


Experts sound worm alarm for critical Windows bug

Here is an excerpt from the article at the link below:

Computerworld – Microsoft today released six security updates that patched seven vulnerabilities, including a critical Windows bug that hackers will certainly try to exploit with a network worm, according to researchers.

“This is a pre-authentication, remote code bug,” said Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, referring to MS12-020, the one critical bulletin today and the update that he, other researchers and even Microsoft urged users to patch as soon as possible.

(To see the whole article click on the link below.)

Want a totally free and legal AutoCAD type program?


There are a lot of persons who have heard of “AutoCAD” and know a little bit about what it is used for.  But many are not willing to dish out the $4,000 to get to “play” with it.  Yes, I know you can download a trial version but really how much can you learn about such a powerful program in a trial version?

Additionally, you have some who use it in their work but cannot afford to have a copy on their home PC in order to learn many of its advanced features.  The more you invest in learning about it the more valuable you become to your employer.

Below is a description of a totally free and legal program called “FreeCAD” that is available for download from the premier place for Open Source software.


FreeCAD is a general purpose Open Source 3D CAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM modeler, aimed directly at mechanical engineering and product design but also fits a wider range of uses in engineering, such as architecture or other engineering specialties. It is a feature-based parametric modeler with a modular software architecture which makes it easy to provide additional functionality without modifying the core system.

FreeCAD is based on OpenCasCade, a powerful geometry kernel, features an Open Inventor-compliant 3D scene representation model provided by the Coin 3D library, and a broad Python API. The interface is built with Qt. FreeCAD runs exactly the same way on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms.

The link below will take you directly to the page to download and install this software.  Please be aware it takes a pretty advanced system to run it and run it well.

Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems

I am somewhat hesitant to write on this subject because I am sure some will think I am only trying to profit from the recent natural disasters.  Let me state clearly….that is not my primary goal.

Do we offer Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems? Why, Yes, yes we do!

Do we make a profit from our Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems? Why, Yes, yes we do!

But this is not my primary goal for this article.  My primary goal is to get you to subscribe to a service somewhere to backup those precious pics and videos of your kids and grand-kids.  But also of your important financial data.  If you own and operate a small business and use Quickbooks or some other bookkeeping software or have medical records/images you really need to take care of this today.


Now that I have that out of the way, let me just give you a couple of good reasons why you should be using a service like ours.  (And there are many companies providing this service.)

Here is one: Across the street from Alberta Baptist Church in Tuscalosa after April 27 2011 Storm This is a picture of the aftermath of the Tuscaloosa AL tornado from April 27 2011.

If there were computers in these buildings there is a good chance they are gone and/destroyed.  if the person was making backups on tape or disk and keeping them in the same building, they are likely gone and/or destroyed too.

Here is another:  japan-earthquake-tsunami-nuclear-unforgettable-pictures-crying_33278_600x450 This is a picture after the earthquake in Japan. 

If there were computers in these buildings there is a good chance they are gone and/destroyed. if the person was making backups on tape or disk and keeping them in the same building, they are likely gone and/or destroyed too.


With an Automated Unattended Off-site Backup System their data files, i.e. pictures, accounting records, customer lists, medcial images, could be recovered once they get their PC back or replaced.  Please note it only backs up data, not programs.  You should store all your original software somewhere other than your house so you don’t have to purchase it again.

Our service is as low as $120 annually for up to 10GB worth of data.  If you pay it all up front with an e-check, we’ll do it for $99 annually.  And our backup server has 2TB of storage capacity.  That is equal to 2,000GB.

Don’t delay!

Dennis “The Backup Guy” Wilson

Are you a mixed up user? No, not your brain…do you have both PC’s and MACs in your operation?

We realize that having part of your stuff in the PC World and Part of it in the Mac world can be frustrating. 

Would being able to do the following be of benefit to you?

  • View files and folders on one or more computers
  • Copy and move files or folders from remote computers directly onto the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for local viewing
  • Save PC and Mac files directly on an iOS device for offline viewing
  • Create a local folder and filing system within Ignition on the iPad or other iOS devices
  • Open and edit files locally on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using file editing apps like Documents To Go, Quickoffice, Pages, Keynote, Numbers
  • Transfer files between remote computers
  • Update locally saved files in Ignition with updates from remote computers
  • Plus the ability to wake a sleeping computer using Wake-On-LAN.

If you feel some of these capabilities would help you, then you need LogMeIn Ignition.

Check it out.