How To Open and Edit a PDF File (Portable Document Format) in MS Word

How To Open and Edit a PDF File (Portable Document Format) in MS Word

This morning one of my clients, Donna Zoglmann-Bittner, asked for my help in remembering how to OPEN and EDIT a PDF file in MS Word.  I told her I could not remember how to do that since I didn’t think it could be done.  Well, I was wrong.  it can be done.

This process is only available in MS Word 2013 and forward. The following steps in this example are performed using MS Word 2016.

Step #1 – Open MS

IMG_20161231_105248_560.jpg Word as though you will be starting a new document.  In the screen shot below you will notice a list of “Recent” documents.  Take note that there are some PDF’s listed.  You will not see any PDF’s in your list if you have not OPENED a PDF in Word before.  Look toward the bottom of the “Recent” documents list.

Step #2 – When you look toward the bottom of the Recent Documents List, choose “Open Other Documents.”  The screen below should be the next thing you see.  Under the word “Open,” you see a list of choices of places to look for the PDF. You should choose “Browse.”


Step #3 – After clicking on “Browse” you should see the following screen, but please keep in mind I am using a dual screen setup so you will only see the screen on the left of this photo if you use an “old fashioned single-screen setup.”


Now look to the bottom right-hand section of the pop-up window and you will see that it lists “All Word Documents” as the type of file to open.  There is a small drop-down button there.  Please click on it and look for the choice of PDF Files and click on it.  You can then browse your PDF’s to open and then edit in MS Word.

You next screen will simply tell you that it will be converted to MS Word and you must click on OK to complete the task.

The document will now open in Word and you are ready to edit.

Keep in mind that the conversion may lose some formatting during the conversion if the document contains a lot of stuff besides just plain text. (I tried a 192-page document with graphics and ended up with some editable text but also a lot of garbage on the screen.)

An alternative way to do this is to use Explorer, navigate to the PDF and right-click on the PDF and then choose “Open With” command and tell the system you wish to use MS Word to open it.

Happy typing!

Dennis TCG Wilson


The Computer Guys LLC – Rules for Safer Computing 2016

The Computer Guys LLC

Rules for Safer Computing

Revised Dec 2016

  • If you have children, any age, never put a PC in a private place. Remember, the Internet is NOT a perfectly safe place for your children to “play.” Always place the PC out in the open where it is less of a temptation for older kids to go where they shouldn’t and where you can supervise your younger children.
  • Also, remember, there are all types of crooks patrolling the Internet looking for ways to trick you into providing personal information about yourself so they can “mug” you electronically or lure your children to a meeting! One of their favorite ways these days, Dec 2016, is to set up spoof Facebook profiles.
  • Spoofing is a term used to describe attempts at setting up fake Facebook profiles or fake email accounts that look like they are profiles or email addresses from someone you know and trust. Why? They hope to trick you into revealing personal information or harvesting the personal information of your friends.
  • Never download anything free on the Internet without first emailing us to make sure it is legitimate. Chances are it is not safe unless it is from a huge company with a good reputation, i.e. Disney, ABC, CNN etc.! There are thousands of illegitimate programs that you get when you download so-called “free” stuff. They take control of your PC and can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair! So, in the end, it wasn’t really free.
  • Never download smiley faces or free screensavers! Yes, they are cute, but insidious! Never download Weather Bug. If you want weather displayed call us.
  • Never open any attachments whatsoever without first calling the person who sent it to you to make sure they really did send it. There are crooks out there who can take over your momma’s computer, and make it look like she sent you come cute pictures, when in reality she not only didn’t send them, she doesn’t even know her computer is sending them out. (Think of Little Red Riding Hood!)
  • Never open an “e-card” from a “secret admirer.” This will likely be a piece of software that will steal all your login names and passwords.
  • Never accept files via Instant Messenger of any sort: Facebook, Yahoo IM, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc.
  • Financial Institutions will never ask you to verify your account information via email. So, if you receive email asking you to verify your account information, including your password and SS number, DON’T DO IT!
  • Always remember, the person on the other end of a chat session or instant message may not be who they pretend to be.
  • Make sure you have good Anti-virus software running and set correctly. You must keep it updated daily. And turn on real-time protection.
  • Make sure you have good Anti-Spyware software running and set correctly. You must keep it updated daily. And turn on real-time protection. (Repeated on purpose for emphasis.)
  • Make sure you have your computer set correctly to keep your operating system updated.
  • If you are on Windows XP and have not loaded Service Pack 2, do so today!
  • Do NOT load any Internet search assisting software at all.

If you aren’t sure about any of this, please give us a call 270-344-4286. Or if you like, we can perform a safety audit for you and make recommendations.

December 2016

Dennis H. Wilson

270-344-4286 – Voice Mail

Dennis @

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Our goal here at The Computer Guys LLC is to exceed your expectations, so please let us know immediately if you feel, at any time, we are not accomplishing our goal. We are continuously striving to be the best and want your experience to be as convenient and enjoyable as possible. We want you to know that we truly appreciate your business.


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.


I had visitors from 52 different countries.  Wow!

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Free & Simple Web Video Conferencing – for the rest of us!

If you believe it would be helpful to have a web based video conference system for up to ten (10) concurrent users and it be totally free would that be of interest?

What if you could have ten (10) concurrent participants and virtually unlimited viewers?  And the video conference automatically be recorded for later viewing?  Again totally free!

No software or hardware to buy, unless you do not already have a good quality webcam and microphone.

Getting all your agents or associates on a web conference could really enhance operations.

Can you imagine the benefits of being able to do a product or service demo to anywhere in the world that there is a broad-band Internet connection?

Imagine broadcasting political messages, your sermons, discussions, debates, commission meetings etc., and not having to depend on TV or Radio stations!

Can you imagine being able to do all this without any cost to you whatsoever and you won’t need an I.T. person to set it up for you?

You can do this with a Google+ (Google Plus) account by using Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts On Air.

Here is a good explanation:

Obviously if you want our assistance we are more than happy to help but seriously I don’t think you’ll need us.  If you want to setup your own Google+ account and let me demo this for you, please let me know.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson

Support at

Why won’t my e-mail go through?

As a Network Administrator for several small companies, I frequently receive inquiries about e-mail not going through.  Many of these questions involve sending a legitimate e-mail to a known person with whom the user frequently exchanges e-mail.  Then all of the sudden e-mail to the known person bounces, or is returned.  Email

There are so many reasons this can happen it would be nearly impossible to cover all of them in one article and in terms that are not “geek-speak.”

The biggest culprit would have to be SPAM Filters.  So what is a Spam Filter?  I found a good explanation of this at WiseGEEK:

A spam filter is a software program that sorts incoming mail in order to identify and pull out junk mail, also known as spam. A spam filter can be installed on an Internet mail server, on a private network server, or on a personal computer. Spam is not only bothersome but can be used for spreading malicious code like viruses and Trojans, and for perpetuating phishing scams. For these reasons and more, a spam filter is a great way to help protect your computer or network and cut out junk mail.

A spam filter works by comparing parameters in incoming mail to lists of configurable rules. For example, a spam filter can be set to check the subject heading of incoming mail for terms associated with pornography, pharmaceuticals and other common spam products. The sender field might also be filtered for ranges of IP addressassociated with spammers or marketers.

Over the years, spammers have become more sophisticated in their attempts to get junk mail past spam filters. Spam will often include innocuous or even personable subject headings such as “Hi!” or “Regarding your inquiry,” making it difficult for a general ISP spam filter to tell spam from legitimate email. Therefore, some spam still gets passed from Internet mail servers to connected private networks and to end-users.  (Continued…..)

Basically, the SPAM Filter is like a security guard and attempts to query every single message headed your way to make sure it is legitimate.  Unfortunately, it sometimes makes mistakes in its judgment and will block a legitimate e-mail based on its “calculations.”  (They have a formula for trying to weigh all the “key words” and characteristics to try to do their job.)

So, if you send an e-mail to one of your regular correspondents and it is blocked, you probably had some “key words” the intended recipient’s SPAM Filter picked up on and then blocked it.  Look at your message and remove “key” words…  Hereis an article that gives some strategies.

So, what can you do about this?  Not much. However, the intended recipient can add you to their “White List,” which is simply a way for them to tell their SPAM Filter to always trust email from you.  The problem with this is that many users do not know how to do this and some Network Administrators won’t tell them or give them the appropriate “rights” to adjust the filter.

So if a message bounces, please look for something indicating it was blocked by the recipient’s SPAM Filter.

We’ll do more about some other reasons, i.e. DNS Blacklists, Sender Policy Framework etc., in a follow-up article.

Dennis “Network Ninja” Wilson Ninja

Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems

I am somewhat hesitant to write on this subject because I am sure some will think I am only trying to profit from the recent natural disasters.  Let me state clearly….that is not my primary goal.

Do we offer Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems? Why, Yes, yes we do!

Do we make a profit from our Automated Unattended Off-site Backup Systems? Why, Yes, yes we do!

But this is not my primary goal for this article.  My primary goal is to get you to subscribe to a service somewhere to backup those precious pics and videos of your kids and grand-kids.  But also of your important financial data.  If you own and operate a small business and use Quickbooks or some other bookkeeping software or have medical records/images you really need to take care of this today.


Now that I have that out of the way, let me just give you a couple of good reasons why you should be using a service like ours.  (And there are many companies providing this service.)

Here is one: Across the street from Alberta Baptist Church in Tuscalosa after April 27 2011 Storm This is a picture of the aftermath of the Tuscaloosa AL tornado from April 27 2011.

If there were computers in these buildings there is a good chance they are gone and/destroyed.  if the person was making backups on tape or disk and keeping them in the same building, they are likely gone and/or destroyed too.

Here is another:  japan-earthquake-tsunami-nuclear-unforgettable-pictures-crying_33278_600x450 This is a picture after the earthquake in Japan. 

If there were computers in these buildings there is a good chance they are gone and/destroyed. if the person was making backups on tape or disk and keeping them in the same building, they are likely gone and/or destroyed too.


With an Automated Unattended Off-site Backup System their data files, i.e. pictures, accounting records, customer lists, medcial images, could be recovered once they get their PC back or replaced.  Please note it only backs up data, not programs.  You should store all your original software somewhere other than your house so you don’t have to purchase it again.

Our service is as low as $120 annually for up to 10GB worth of data.  If you pay it all up front with an e-check, we’ll do it for $99 annually.  And our backup server has 2TB of storage capacity.  That is equal to 2,000GB.

Don’t delay!

Dennis “The Backup Guy” Wilson

What goes into a true “hardened” data center?

At The Computer Guys LLC, we understand the magnitude of having mission critical data and business applications readily available. A true Data Center service allows customers to take full advantage of storing their business data in a secure environment. The facility that TSDC is moving to brings unique advantages and significant cost savings so that customers can focus on their business while securing their biggest asset, customer data.

In addition to the physical attributes below, the data center that TSDC is moving to provides additional band-width, which means faster delivery of all your mission critical data to your in-box!  But we wanted you to know what goes into a true hardened data center.

Hardened Bunker

This purpose built Data Center is protected with reinforced concrete walls, concrete ceilings and a rubber-membrane roof. The bunker environment is enclosed in a discrete steel building.  By “purpose built” we mean that this facility was designed from the ground-up to be a data center.

Access 24/7

Only authorized personnel with appropriate pre-issued credentials will have access.

Security Access Card Controlled Entry

All doors are proxy card access controlled.

Security Motion Video Recording

All doors have video for archiving and verification of entry. All aisles have video enabling clients to remotely monitor their leased space.

Remotely Monitored Unauthorized Access Attempts

Entire building is configured for both interior and exterior observation, identifying unauthorized attempts to access restricted areas.

APC Locked Door Racks

This data center has standardized with APC to provide a consistent robust environment for client’s equipment.

PDU APC Metered

All APC PDU’s will guarantee uptime by monitoring the load at each rack. This ensures circuits are never overloaded.


A dry fire suppression system is in place and monitored externally 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A Power = Generator and UPS, B Power = Conditioning and Surge Suppression

Each rack receives power from two diverse sources. Primary power includes the protection of a generator and UPS, while secondary power is both conditioned and provides for surge suppression.

Kohler Generator Backup Power

With 4000 gallons of fuel storage capacity, emergency fuel replenishment arrangements, the 600kW generator will keep the power going in the event of a disconnection from the adjacent power distribution center.


We hope this helps you see why TSDC is moving.  If you have any questions please let us know.