A big change we are seeing in the industry is to move everything to “the cloud.” But, in your case that may or may not be feasible.

How reliable has your Internet been over the past five (5) years? Would you say it is up 99.0% of the time or less? If your answer is 99.0% of the time, then you may be a good candidate to move your servers to “the cloud.” If we couldn’t move 100% of your stuff to “the cloud” we could at least move your Exchange server to it. This could save you quite of bit of money in the long run since you would never ever have to buy a new Exchange ever again, and your email would be up 99.999% of the time, even if your power and Internet were to be out for an extended time. (There are many other advantages I haven’t mentioned here.) Even if you do not currently have your own Exchange server, there are many other advantages in moving to “the cloud.”

BTW…if you have a full-time I.T. staff of 1 or more, they may be very scared of this idea. But you have to ask yourself, are they scared of the technology or are they protecting “their turf,” and their jobs?

Please be learning what you can about “the cloud” this year and call us when you are ready to learn more.

Here are some resources:

· A Five Minute Video Primer (An excellent introductory video.)

· What Is Cloud Computing? (A very good explanation in PC Magazine and covers Pros and Cons)

· Cloud computing – From Wikipedia (A rather lengthy explanation but you may glean some useful information from it.)

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