The following story is true and no names have been changed to protect anyone! It is told here with permission.

Some of you may recall a few tech conversations with my parents I have mentioned over the years. Well, we have a new one tonight.

Mom has been using an i-Phone 4 for a couple of years now and has gotten pretty good with it for phone calls and texts. She did not have a data plan so no apps were in use.

She decided it was time for an upgrade and was given an i-Phone 6 for Christmas. This time it was connected to her wireless network for data while at home.

Well, this evening she had a surprise…Siri!

She didn’t mean to call up Siri so was quite surprised to hear her phone ask if she could help? Mom, being Mom, told Siri what she wanted and a conversation ensued.

Toward the end of the “conversation” between Mom and Siri, Mom said “I’ll talk to you later.” To which Siri replied, “Who, me?” Mom, got tickled at this and called me right away.

Modern tech.