Today I read the following in a publication called “Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline Associates Update,” and had to chuckle:

This year’s discussion is titled ‘Surprised by The Spirit,’ with panelists taking a few moments to talk about someone who they believed was called by God to serve, and ended up someplace she or he did not intend to be by responding to that call.

I answered my “call” the first time in August 1981 when I moved my family to Florida at His prodding and have been trying follow His Spirit ever since. If God Himself had spoken directly to me in 1981 and told me He was sending on a journey that would culminate in my working in a Roman Catholic Convent, I would have thought I was crazy and “hearing voices.”

In all the years from 1981 to 2012 I never thought He would lead me here. Even in 2001-2003 when I was the Thyssen-Krupp account rep that called on USMSJ and spoke to God about my thinking that this would be a wonderful place to work, I never thought I could possibly work here. My thoughts were along the line of “What would they need someone like me for?” Then in 2013 God said “Go!” and I went.

Working as a Network Administrator at Mt St Joseph is incredibly rewarding.