The upgrade to MS Office 2013 Pro Plus Desktop was fairly straight-forward and learning to use it has been quite simple. Overall I am very glad I upgraded so that now I run MS Office 2013 Pro Desktop on all my devices. (Previously I had MS Office 2007 on one and 2010 on another.) This simplifies life a great deal.

I want to touch on just two points in this entry:

· MS Outlook Journal

· Capturing Screenshots with Multiple Monitors

There really is only one big thing to mention about this…. If you are an avid user of the Outlook Automated Journal…you definitely do not want to “upgrade” to Outlook 2013. Why? Simply that MS in its infinite wisdom decided users didn’t really need that feature and removed it! Yeah, I know that stinks. The good news is you can still make manual journal entries, but that defeats the whole purpose. If you use and love the automated journal entries in Outlook 2010 and previous versions, please make it known to MS that you want that feature restored. Oh and don’t forget to make a manual journal entry about this, if you have already moved up to Outlook 2013.

This next feature, Screenshot, may have already been in Word 2010 and I didn’t see it. But I noticed a feature in Word 2013 called “Screenshot.” This is marvelous for those of us who use more than one monitor. When you click on this it will show you a thumbnail of every open window and you can choose which window you want a shot of. This feature greatly improves my ability to write instructions with screen shots without having to monkey around with monitors. So for all you power users with multiple windows open all day long and on multiple monitors, this is a great feature.

Have you upgraded to Office 2013 yet? If so, name one or two killer features that you love and what was removed that you really miss?


Dennis H. Wilson

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

– Mohandas Gandhi