Yesterday I published Randy Shelby’s Life Creed.  Today, I am publishing mine.  It is a slightly edited version of his.

  • Even when negative things are happening around me that would make me sad-hearted or even depressed or despairing, I will remind myself of all the good and positive things in my life that bring me joy such as…
    • The gift of eternal life through Jesus, The Messiah.
    • The life partner, girl-friend and lover that God sent me as a gift in November of 1972.
    • My children, all four of them, two biological and two “in-law.”
    • My grand-children.
    • Having had both my parents and all my grand-parents in my life for many more years than some of my friends.
    • The gifts and talents God has bestowed upon me; one of which is my ability to sing fairly well and therefore lead God’s people in praising Him.
    • The opportunity to work at such an awesome place as Mt. St. Joseph; an answer to an unspoken prayer request.  Apparently His Spirit within me knew I wanted to be here and made intercession on my behalf.
    • Relatively good health for a man my age.
  • Even as my mind and body age, when pain and forgetfulness become part of my daily routine, I will not allow these natural processes to make me resentful or bitter, but will remind myself this is the price I must pay for being born into this world.  I will remind myself of all the good days that I do feel well and will be thankful for all that life brings.
  • When I am poignantly aware of all the negatives of life, I will not give-in to self-pity, or negative feelings of regret, but will see my expanding waistline and graying and thinning hair as symbols of a long life, knowing that the only alternative is to die young.  I will take stock of the things I have learned and my capacity and desire to continue to learn new things.  I am determined to live my life with confidence in spite of the indifference I may encounter and will marvel at how my viewpoint continues to evolve and my understanding broadens.
  • I will remain cheerful and hopeful in spite of pseudo-evidence to the contrary.
  • I will remain enthusiastic about life and maintain a positive attitude, even when things displease me and don’t go the way I would like.
  • I will continue efforts to remain connected to others in the Real World and the Virtual World.  Life is what we make of it, so I will endeavor to continue to put forth effort to maintain contact with family and friends and to be always open to the possibility of making new friends.
  • I will give mercy and forgiveness to others and to myself, making peace with the failures and mistakes of my past no matter how difficult this may be.
  • I will maintain an attitude of gratitude with the goal of becoming more mindful, more aware, more enlightened, and more awakened to all that is good in my life.
  • I will be loving and patient with everyone I encounter and also with myself.

Dennis H. Wilson

February 20, 2014