My Personal Creed

Even when negative things are happening around me that would make me sad-hearted or even depressed or despairing, I will remind myself of all the good and positive things in my life that bring me joy.

Even as my mind and body age, when pain and forgetfulness become part of my daily routine, I will not allow these natural processes to make me resentful or bitter, but will remind myself this is the price I must pay for being born into this world. I will remind myself of all the good days that I do feel well and will be thankful for all that life brings.

When I am poignantly aware of all the negatives of life, I will not give-in to self-pity, or negative feelings of regret, but will see my expanding waistline and graying hair as symbols of a long life, knowing that the only alternative is to die young. I will take stock of the things I have learned and my capacity and desire to continue to learn new things. I am determined to live my life with confidence in spite of the indifference I may encounter and will marvel at how my viewpoint continues to evolve and my understanding broadens.

I will remain cheerful and hopeful in spite of evidence to the contrary.

I will remain enthusiastic about life and maintain a positive attitude, even when things displease me and don’t go the way I would like.

I will continue efforts to remain connected to others, even when neighbors move away, relationships wane, or when those dear to me die. Life is what we make of it, so I will endeavor to continue to put forth effort to maintain contact with family and friends and to be always open to the possibility of making new friends.

I will give mercy and forgiveness to others and to myself, making peace with the failures and mistakes of my past.

I will maintain a meditation practice with the goal of becoming more mindful, more aware, more enlightened, and more awakened to all that is good in my life.

I will be loving and patient with everyone I encounter and also with myself.

Randy Shelby
February 18, 2014

Those who know me well and have known me for a long time know that I really liked Zig Ziglar’s outlook on life.  He was one of the most positive upbeat persons I’ve ever known of. 

A little side note:  I met him in person many years ago and had about a five (5) minute one-on-one conversation with him.  This is one of the high-lights of my life incidentally.

Anyway, today I received a document from a good friend and co-worker and found it to be something I should adopt in my own life.  It is his Personal Creed.  He said he will start reviewing this each day.

I asked for and received permission to quote him and to adapt this to my own life.  His “Personal Creed” is posted above. Then I realized it may be something you want to do.  I plan on printing this and posting it right above my monitor where I will see it each day.