No — that’s what you THINK you have done. But SOMETHING must be different. This happens to all of us and the first step in becoming a successful debugger is to accept the reality “when the set of assumptions I know to be true leads to a contradiction then (at least) one of the things I know to be true isn’t true”.

Stumped programmers used to bring their “impossible” problems to my desk all the time. The HARD part is breaking the mindset that blinds us to what is going on.

I ran across this little quote from a developer.  His reply was in response to a guy saying “I’ve entered everything correctly yet it still doesn’t work!”

This is a good rule to apply in life.  I have found this principle to especially be true in studying what most Christians believe is the Inspired Word of God, a/k/a Holy Bible.

If something you have long believed to be true doesn’t align with scripture then it apparently that which you hold to be true…isn’t.