If you believe it would be helpful to have a web based video conference system for up to ten (10) concurrent users and it be totally free would that be of interest?

What if you could have ten (10) concurrent participants and virtually unlimited viewers?  And the video conference automatically be recorded for later viewing?  Again totally free!

No software or hardware to buy, unless you do not already have a good quality webcam and microphone.

Getting all your agents or associates on a web conference could really enhance operations.

Can you imagine the benefits of being able to do a product or service demo to anywhere in the world that there is a broad-band Internet connection?

Imagine broadcasting political messages, your sermons, discussions, debates, commission meetings etc., and not having to depend on TV or Radio stations!

Can you imagine being able to do all this without any cost to you whatsoever and you won’t need an I.T. person to set it up for you?

You can do this with a Google+ (Google Plus) account by using Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts On Air.

Here is a good explanation:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVq1RIgLWTU

Obviously if you want our assistance we are more than happy to help but seriously I don’t think you’ll need us.  If you want to setup your own Google+ account and let me demo this for you, please let me know.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson

Support at TheComputerGuysLLC.com


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