If you were suddenly unable to access all of your accounts, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, bank accounts, e-mail etc., due to disability or death, what would happen to your on-line presence?

Does anyone you know and trust have access to all of your online accounts so that they can “close them” if necessary or withdraw funds or let your online friends and associates know that you are no longer able to access them either because you are permanently disabled or worse…have died?

We realize this doesn’t seem important to you right now but over the years I have had friends with accounts on social networking sites that have died yet their profile remains as though they are still here. Worse yet, what if they have a PayPal account and keep a balance in it? How would anyone withdraw those funds.

Also, you have friends in the virtual world that you do not have in the real world and these friends, scattered all over the world, may not hear that you have passed on…except via social networking and if no one has access to your profile, how will they make sure every one of your contacts know?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to gain access to someone’s account(s) after they have passed on from this life?

Speaking from personal first-hand experience it is extremely difficult if not nearly impossible.

We recommend that you trust someone with all of your login names and passwords before it is too late. If you don’t trust anyone, not even your spouse, please make a list and seal it in an envelope and put it in a fireproof safe. Tell someone you do trust about the envelope and its location. Then every few weeks/months check the envelope to make sure it is still sealed….or have your attorney keep it on file. (Don’t just store it on a floppy or thumb drive…they can melt in a fireproof safe long before paper burns.)

By the way, the author has put his money where his mouth is.  For several years now I have been keeping an updated list for my wife.  We both know each other’s access info for all of our accounts.

Do it today!