Many of you are used to me having a negative attitude toward MAC personal computers, as opposed to MS Windows personal computers.  I will admit some level of bias, however, part of it stems from my experience with MAC user’s thinking so highly of their MAC’s and claiming they never have problems and cannot be infected with malicious software.

I know they do have problems and they can be infected with malicious software, i.e. think virus.

Sure they may be less prone to problems because Apple’s “control” of all things MAC.  But, they are not invulnerable to issues and I read an article today from a reliable source that points this out.

If you are a MAC user or are thinking of moving to a MAC so that you’ll never have computer problems again, please read this article.  If for some reason you are unable to just click on the link we’ve provided, try to do a “copy and paste” of the following:


Here is a quote from the article….

Last week I showed you how malware authors have begun using social engineering to target Google Chrome, with convincing replicas of Chrome’s bright-red security screens to trick victims into installing a package of malware.

Now I am seeing evidence that the next target is OS X. That’s potentially very bad news for Mac owners who have abandoned their PCs in the belief that switching to a Mac somehow immunizes them from malware.

Security experts know, of course, that there’s nothing magical about Macs when it comes to security. They just haven’t been targeted because Windows has been such a big juicy target for so long.

Yes, we are a Dell Value Added Reseller for sure and can frequently save you 10-15% over buying directly from Dell, but that isn’t the main reason for this article.  We just want to make sure you are aware BEFORE you purchase  a MAC, they can and do have some issues and can be infected.  Or if you already own one, do not think there is a special “force field” surrounding your MAC.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson

The Computer Guys LLC