While preparing my thoughts and devotional for a very significant event tomorrow I ran across an article that I feel compelled to share.  I will quote from it here and then provide a link to the whole thing for you to consider.  And, I do ask you to consider it carefully.

“The Importance of Baptism


To stress the importance of baptism may be strange to some, simply because most denominations and their creeds fail to emphasize it.  Some may question if it is even necessary.  However, if we turn to God’s Word, we will find God’s answer to our question concerning the importance of baptism.  A more in depth answer is provided here for those who are interested, because of the large number of questions often raised concerning baptism.

Examining the Passages

One of the first passages that should be examined is Christ’s commission to his apostles:

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you … " Matthew 28:19-20

This verse teaches that part of making disciples was "baptizing them".  (Please examine the parallel account of this event in Mark’s book – Mark 16:15-16clip_image002).  Shortly after receiving this commission, the apostles began to preach Christ.  As an example, please listen to the words of the apostle Peter when he was asked what to do to be saved:”

The above quote is taken from an article appearing here.

In all my studies and discussions about salvation, I have had many discussions with both Disciples and Non-Believers about whether or not Baptism is relevant, necessary or optional.  And I must confess that as a teacher and someone who tries to provide a good witness, my job sure would be a lot easier if the bible had nothing about baptism in it at all.  Seriously, if the bible never ever mentioned the word “baptizo,” which is the Greek word for immersion, which is transliterated into a made-up English word “Baptism,” it would save a great deal of discussion time.

But the fact is, the word “baptism” in its various forms is mentioned apparently at least 50 times.  And, every single example of anyone becoming a Christian clearly shows they were baptized.

In my way of thinking, if it were not important, then why all the passages about it?  If it were not important, why did every single person whose conversion is written about in the Book of Acts clearly show they were “immersed” or “buried” in water?  And finally, why not just do it?  Why fight it?

In the Old Testament Naaman fought against it being told to be “baptized.”  Now the word baptize was not used in this story but he was required to dip in the Jordan River.  And his leprosy did not get healed until he dipped in the Jordan River seven (7) times.  Why did he fight it?  Well, in his case the bible clearly shows it was pride.  He delayed his healing by fighting what God’s messenger told him to do.

Well, enough for now.  Please click on the link I’ve provided and read the whole article. Let me know what you think.

In His loving grip of grace,


P.S. I am not looking for an argument or trying to stir things up.  I just felt compelled to share this site with you.