My friend Susan posted the following on her FB wall this week in response to all the snow…”I hate white stuff.” In response my friend Debra said “How can something be soooo beautiful, be soooo dangerous???!!!???” Her comment/question was merely about the snow and ice and how it really is beautiful when it first covers the landscape. But in that beauty is a hidden danger and this is especially true if freezing rain comes before the snow.

As soon as I read her statement I immediately thought of sin and how Satan makes just about all sin appear beautiful in the temptation stage.

I was also reminded of a sermon by Ken Green, a preacher I grew up listening to. It was shortly after a large snowstorm in the 70’s and his title was “The Might of the Mites.” One little snowflake by itself is just a “mite.” But you put a few million together and it can bring a city to a complete standstill. Remember the snowstorm in the early 90’s that practically shut Kentucky down? And even more recently a few raindrops that came in the form of freezing rain and really wreaked havoc in this region. (It was so bad that years later we can still see the scars left behind in the damaged trees.)

As I’ve contemplated this more and considered what I should write in response to that comment and with Susan’s permission, I’ve tried to think of some other analogies of things of seeming beauty being filled with danger or actually how other things in life are purposely disguised to hide something more sinister.

While reading early this morning I ran across a really good article that expresses in words what I have had stirring around in my head and heart. I’d like to share part of it here:

In every war, there are battles. In every battle, there are attacks. As Christians, we experience these attacks in varying degrees. Some attacks seem like skirmishes, some like never ending battles and some battles seem like all out war. Regardless of how much we may want to ignore this component in our Christian lives, the battles do exist and the warfare will continue. The more we learn the truths concerning spiritual warfare, the more prepared we can be to fight and to be victorious. In furthering our knowledge of spiritual warfare, this lesson addresses the strategies of Satan. Behind every war and every battle and every attack lies a strategist, the mastermind of the ultimate plan of attack. In our case, this strategist is Satan. He is our enemy, our adversary…the one who wants to take us out. (


Satan’s strategies are all aimed at trying to kill, steal, and destroy us. Satan hates us. He hates God. His hatred is manifested through his schemes to destroy God’s people. Satan will use every tactic possible to get our focus off of the Lord and onto ourselves. One of Satan’s greatest tools is deception. (emphasis – dhw) When we least expect it, we can be lulled into a trap set by the enemy. We must become more aware of Satan’s schemes and take the steps to fight back. (

A few other things that come to my mind are:

Rat poison – The amount of actual poison is usually on the order of 0.001% to 0.005%. It lures the rat in with the smell of food. Unfortunately for the rat, it kills him without his even realizing what happened. And the death comes in the blood. It causes the rodent to “bleed out” internally. (

Sniper – the sniper has long been hated among fighting men and women. They use clever disguises to hide and hunt just waiting for the unsuspecting person to wander into the field of their scope. Two very important aspects are stealth and patience. Then BANG, they “take out their objective.”

Fishing lures – both man-made and in nature. Think of the movie Finding Nemo. In this movie there is a section where Dori and Marlin are very very deep in the ocean where there is no discernible light. Then in the darkness appears a very small light and it looks “so beautiful” to them that they are drawn to it. The source of the light is an appendage on the Angler Fish, which aptly gets its name from that appendage. As they are drawn closer they are able to see the actual danger and begin their escape. We are told in scripture that Satan can appear as an angel of light. 2 Cor 11:14


One of the all time greatest hits of Barbara Mandrell is “If Loving You Is Wrong (I don’t wanna be right.)” This song and many others make illicit love sound so beautiful and enticing. But in the end, it is death…both spiritual death to the guilty parties and the death of the marriages.

Now why would I take something as beautiful as a blanket of new snow and think of something so ugly as sin? Because I believe many persons have been deceived by the master deceiver and need to ask themselves, “Have I ingested rat poison?” Is it too late? You know in the physical realm Vitamin K is an effective anti-dote to anticoagulant-based rat poison, but only if administered in time.

Isn’t it interesting…rat poison causes the victim to bleed to death internally due to the anti-coagulant in the poison. Jesus blood is the anti-dote to sin.

If you wish to know more about Jesus and what He has done for you, please let me know.

In His loving grip of grace,



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  1. That was absolutely beautiful as in, HOW you described it all in general because satan can and will deceive us all if we allow it. I test the spirits regardless and sometimes, even as Christians, we can not possiby always know…we too, can be deceived because we are in the human body and not the spiritual body. Thank You Dennis…that was VERY well put!

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