Wow, a brand new PC for Christmas!  What should you do next?

While it may be tempting to set it all up and starting playing right away you really should do a few things:

Make the Recovery DVD Set that your manufacturer probably suggests.  Why?  Most consumer computers these days do not come with any CD’s or DVD’s to reload your system should the need arise.  They do this to save money.  Yes, they do place a factory image on the hard drive so that you can quickly restore your PC to factory settings but, what if the hard disk drive itself has a physical crash.  That recovery image will not do you any good.  If you didn’t take the time to create the Recovery Media (CD’s or DVD’s) you will have no choice but to hire someone like us to reload your operating system and drivers.  Whereas if you have the Recovery Media you, at least in theory, could install the new HDD yourself and then load the Recovery Media in and you are back in business.

And even if you do not feel you could install the new HDD yourself, it will be much better for you if you can hand the Recovery Media to your technician to reinstall everything just the way it came from the factory.

Next, uninstall whatever Anti-virus software came with your PC and install Microsoft Security Essentials.  It is totally free and legal forever.  No fees to pay.  And it does a fine job.

The third thing I would recommend is subscribing to a backup service.  Your family photos are priceless and having a service that backups your data every night automatically could be priceless too if your PC ever crashes, gets stolen or destroyed. We offer such a service.)

Yes, these to me are the very first three steps you should take.

As an option, contact us to have us install our remote support software so that if you have problems we can log in remotely and assist.  The software is free and the installation is free.  We will only charge you when we are logged in and providing support.  We can take your credit or debit card over the phone and we only bill in 15 minute increments.

If you can think of other important first things to do, please share them.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson


One thought on “So you received a new PC for Christmas…what next?

  1. I agree with you Dennis on making a set of recovery disks. This is a very important step to take. Another option that is available is to contact the computer manufacturer and pay a nominal fee for the recovery disks.

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