If you are thinking of buying a smart phone, Blackberry, i-Phone or some such device and want to know what data plan you need, Verizon Wireless has prepared a data calculator to help.  (If that link doesn’t work try this… http://www.verizonwireless.com/splash_includes/datacalculator.html)

This calculator should work no matter which company you get your service from and keep this in mind…you can keep you cell phone service with anyone you want and purchase a broadband card for your laptop if you want.

Verizon’s plans can be viewed here.

And, their devices can be viewed here.

If having Internet service at all times is essential to your business, then perhaps you want to check out their Mobile Broadband Router.  You could purchase this plan to have as a backup to your existing ISP.  How many times in the past year has your AT&T DSL service been out?  How about your Norlight?  Even Time Warner Cable Internet service has its outages.  Having this device will help you stay connected with your laptops even when your wired based ISP is out!

Technology changes rapidly and it is so hard to run your business and your technology.  Let us run your technology so you can focus on your core operations.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson