I learned of a new site today that may be a big help to anyone, male of female, who is trying to figure out “What’s for dinner tonight?”  Here is the opening paragraph from the site:

Do you find yourself wondering what to cook night after night? Is take-out food a part of your weekly routine despite good intentions to eat more healthfully and spend less money? Are you running to the store just to pick up one or two items? Do you find it too time consuming to sift through store circular ads in order to save money? Do you understand the importance of family dinners, but find making them happen every night impossible?
Let Grocery Dash help by providing you with a way to save money, save time, and eat well. It’s easy when you have a weekly menu based on the circular advertisements of your local Publix, Stop & Shop, Safeway, Giant, Kroger, Wegman’s or Wal Mart grocery store, simple corresponding recipes, and an aisle-by-aisle printable grocery list.  All you have to do is cook.

To find out more about this go to:  Grocery Dash

If you try this, please come back to this article and post your findings.  Was it helpful, was it a waste of time etc.


(If that link doesn’t work, try this:  http://www.grocerydash.com/)