A good friend posted this question, or one very similar today and the resulting discussion was very lively.  I felt it was worth asking my readers the same question:

I will post one of my responses to a participant who feels no rules or regulations or policies should be in place.  At least that is what his posts say to me…..

Yes, _____…we do have freedoms, however, some freedoms are restricted and with good reason.  Parents are required by law to fasten their kids in approved restraints in automobiles.  Why do such laws exist? Because some parents are not equipped to make good decisions about protecting their children and children typically cannot do this if their parents cannot.   So, we must protect innocent children from serious physical injury.  Do you feel parents should have the right to not protect their children from serious injury?

Assuming you feel the child restraint laws are good, why do you feel parents should have the right to not "restrain" their children from potential serious emotional and/or physical trauma?  Children do not always have the emotional maturity to know what to do and we as parents are charged with making some decisions for them.  (I am not advocating governmental intrusion…I am advocating active parental engagement.)

Unfortunately, some parents are not equipped to make good decisions about the safety of their children, therefore, schools should have policies in place and enforce those policies on their staff. And those policies probably should prohibit Teacher/Student Friendships on FB…and other social networking sites like it.  (I will make an exception for Twitter.  If you want to know my reasons, just ask.)  Notice I did not say their policies should flow to the students and/or their parents…just to the staff.

Nicole thank you for posting the original question and allow this frank discussion.

In His loving grip of grace,



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