A new Small Group  or Life Group begins this Sunday evening.  It will last 40 weeks. 

Below are the titles of each session.  We will watch the DVD session one week and then review the material in the workbook the following week.

  • Session 1: Recognize and Value Your Mate’s Differences
  • Session 2: Four Essential Elements Every Relationship Needs to Succeed and Grow
  • Session 3: Overcoming the Major Destroyer of Relationships
  • Session 4: Using Emotional Word Pictures To Increase Intimacy and Understanding
  • Session 5: Becoming Best Friends With Your Family
  • Session 6: Freedom From Negative Emotions
  • Session 7: Discovering the Value of Your Personality
  • Session 8: Recognizing and Transforming Unhealthy Relationships
  • Session 9: Using Communication to Move into the Deepest Levels of Intimacy
  • Session 10: Transforming Trials and Hurts Into Life-Changing Benefits
  • Session 11: Mutually Fulfilling Sexual Intimacy
  • Session 12: Changing Unwanted Behavior and Habits
  • Session 13: Reducing and Overcoming Conflict
  • Session 14: Building Boundaries in Your Relationships
  • Session 15: Discovering the Barrier to Intimacy — Anger
  • Session 16: Destroying the Barrier of Intimacy — Forgiveness
  • Session 17: Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage
  • Session 18: How to Energize Your Mate
  • Session 19: Understanding Stages of Life

    If you want to know more, just ask.