If you are like me sometimes you get frustrated by clicking on a link from a search engine only to find that the info you dug up is outdated by several years.

Well, there is a solution for that….

If you use Google look for the words “Advanced Search” to the right of the search box.  See the screen shot below.


By clicking on Advanced Search you can narrow your search in many ways but the one I want to address is “By Date.”

When clicking on Advanced Search you’ll see the following screen:


If you look on this screen shot you can see that you can also quickly limit your search results to display sites in English only.  But, what I really want you to see is the link toward the bottom of that screen that says “Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more”

By clicking on that link the window expands to show the following:


Click on the little down-arrow to the right of the box that says “anytime” and choose what time frame you want to allow.

Voila’!  You can now limit your search results to CURRENT info, not info that is years old!

Happy Searching!

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson

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