The following is the main scripture for the service this coming Sunday.

I have narrowed the song list down to nine (9) to choose from.

2 Thessalonians 2:13 – 17 (TMSG) 13Meanwhile, we’ve got our hands full continually thanking God for you, our good friends—so loved by God! God picked you out as his from the very start. Think of it: included in God’s original plan of salvation by the bond of faith in the living truth.  14This is the life of the Spirit he invited you to through the Message we delivered, in which you get in on the glory of our Master, Jesus Christ. 15So, friends, take a firm stand, feet on the ground and head high. Keep a tight grip on what you were taught, whether in personal conversation or by our letter.  16May Jesus himself and God our Father, who reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence,  17put a fresh heart in you, invigorate your work, enliven your speech.