First of all let me emphasize, it does not matter who you have your cell phone service with.  The device reviewed here is a Verizon device, but you do not have to move your cell phone service to Verizon to get Verizon’s Mobile Broad-Band service.  Also, others offer similar devices.

Imagine being able to have broadband Internet service on your laptop virtually everywhere you go….even while riding down the highway in car/van/SUV or Bus.  Even on trains and planes.  Now imagine being able to share that service with up to 5 users simultaneously.  Shoot, you might even use this for your main Internet service in your house or office if you have no other options for broadband service.  (Please keep in mind the maximum bandwidth usage per month is 5GB.  That is over 3,000 web pages.)

Anyway, this is a very handy device and I encourage you to look into it.