At The Computer Guys LLC, we understand the magnitude of having mission critical data and business applications readily available. A true Data Center service allows customers to take full advantage of storing their business data in a secure environment. The facility that TSDC is moving to brings unique advantages and significant cost savings so that customers can focus on their business while securing their biggest asset, customer data.

In addition to the physical attributes below, the data center that TSDC is moving to provides additional band-width, which means faster delivery of all your mission critical data to your in-box!  But we wanted you to know what goes into a true hardened data center.

Hardened Bunker

This purpose built Data Center is protected with reinforced concrete walls, concrete ceilings and a rubber-membrane roof. The bunker environment is enclosed in a discrete steel building.  By “purpose built” we mean that this facility was designed from the ground-up to be a data center.

Access 24/7

Only authorized personnel with appropriate pre-issued credentials will have access.

Security Access Card Controlled Entry

All doors are proxy card access controlled.

Security Motion Video Recording

All doors have video for archiving and verification of entry. All aisles have video enabling clients to remotely monitor their leased space.

Remotely Monitored Unauthorized Access Attempts

Entire building is configured for both interior and exterior observation, identifying unauthorized attempts to access restricted areas.

APC Locked Door Racks

This data center has standardized with APC to provide a consistent robust environment for client’s equipment.

PDU APC Metered

All APC PDU’s will guarantee uptime by monitoring the load at each rack. This ensures circuits are never overloaded.


A dry fire suppression system is in place and monitored externally 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A Power = Generator and UPS, B Power = Conditioning and Surge Suppression

Each rack receives power from two diverse sources. Primary power includes the protection of a generator and UPS, while secondary power is both conditioned and provides for surge suppression.

Kohler Generator Backup Power

With 4000 gallons of fuel storage capacity, emergency fuel replenishment arrangements, the 600kW generator will keep the power going in the event of a disconnection from the adjacent power distribution center.


We hope this helps you see why TSDC is moving.  If you have any questions please let us know.


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