Well, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you know I’ve been testing Foursquare (4SQ) the past week or so.

I have now unlinked my FaceBook account from my Foursquare account for security reasons.

Here is my assessment.

It is a social networking site that allows a user to know where all their friends are at any given time.  What do I mean?  Well if all your 4SQ friends are consistently posting their locations as they move about, then everyone knows where the action is.  And, they can “compete” to see who scores the most points around town since points are assigned as you post your locations.

You can also leave “tips” about locations.  Like, I left a tip that Panera Bread has good coffee and really good shortbread cookies.  And I suppose you could tell your friends places to avoid as well.

Another feature is you can earn such things as being “elected” mayor of a given location.  All you have to do is be the most frequent visitor to a location and you automatically are “elected” mayor.  Essentially you elect yourself!  For right now I am the “Mayor” of Panera Bread in Owensboro.  Imagine that!

Overall the program seems like it could be a fun service to use provided:

Parents monitor their kids updates

Parents make sure their kids do NOT connect their Foursquare Account to any other account unless:

They do not have any friends on their other SN accounts that they do not know extremely well.

Are careful to know which of their friends are connected.

Never give out too much info.  For example…if your kid is 13 and he/she posts “the beaches in FL are wonderful right now,” well most anyone would assume the kid was there with parents which means the house is empty!  Great time to burglarize the place.

Explore 4SQ for yourself and let us know what you think.

Dennis “The Mayor” Wilson


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