Well, first of all, you do not have to get one with Windows Vista or Windows 7.  As a Dell Premier Re-seller we can still order computers, both laptops and desktops, with Windows XP Professional.  The nice thing is they come dual licensed and with software to upgrade to Windows 7 when you are ready.

That being said here are things to consider:

What Operating System will your software and hardware run on?  Some software and some hardware out there still doesn’t like Vista.  If you purchase a PC with Vista or Windows 7 be prepared for some challenges.

Suggested memory by Operating System:

Windows XP – 1 Gig minimum, 2 Gig maximum

Windows Vista – 3 Gig minimum, 4 Gig maximum

Windows 7 – Microsoft says 1 Gig minimum for 32-bit and 2 Gig minimum for 64-bit.  I say 2 Gig minimum period and preferably 3or 4 Gig.

Also, keep this in mind DDR3 memory chips are better to have than DDR2.

Hard Disk Considerations:

Look for speed as well as size.  Having a 250GB 7200rpm drive will make your system run better than a 250GB 5400rpm drive.  Personally…I’d rather have a 250GB 7200rpm drive than a 360GB 5400 rpm.

Video Card Requirements:

If you can get a PC with a dedicated video card, rather than an integrated video card, your system will run better and perhaps look better as well.  Depends on your monitor of course.  Unless you are a true gamer, you won’t need one with 512MB, but 128MB to 256MB would do nicely.

Sound Card Requirements:

Unless you plan on using your system as a music system, the integrated sound cards in systems today do a fine job.  It is really the speakers that you need to pay attention to if you want really good sound.

Well there are other things to consider depending on what you want to do with your system, but that really needs to be discussed individually.

And, if you want to take advantage of this service, we offer to let you sit down with us in our office and we’ll custom specify a computer for you with just what you want and nothing you don’t want.  Then we’ll have Dell build a system just for you.  And, we can usually get this for you for less than you could buy it yourself.  Sometimes the system ship within 48 hours.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson


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PS We can offer a brand new Dell PC with Windows 7 for $359 plus shipping tax!  (Or if paid with other than plastic, $349 plus shipping and tax.) This is a limited time offer and this system should not be purchased if you will be doing anything but web surfing,social networking and e-mail.  You must pay for the system before it is ordered.


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  1. THANK YOU!!! If I have to run QuickBooks… do you think a 4 gig on Vista? Mine is the one of the only computers left in the office with XP…

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