That’s right.  Some employers are now asking for your credentials to get into your social networking sites. 

Here is a clip from an article:

Last June, the city of Bozeman, Mont., became notorious when it implemented a policy that required anyone applying to a city job to hand over logins and passwords for any social networking sites they used. We’re not just talking about Facebook and MySpace, either. They wanted access to chat rooms and forums frequented by applicants. After people made a fuss about the invasive policy, Bozeman officials backed down and decided to adjust their application requirements.

That type of interview requirement doesn’t seem to have caught on with other employers. Then again, Victory Christian School in North Augusta, S.C., recently announced it wants its students to hand over the same information if they might be acting in a way not in line with the school’s policies.

Perhaps job seekers should expect to experience these demands sooner than later. Naturally, questions arise: Is this legal? What if I don’t hand over my information? What’s the point to all this?

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