As a member of our Community Emergency Response Team, a FEMA sub-group, I receive notices from the FBI on terrorism threats etc.  Part of the threat warning system also discuss items involving cyber-security.  This morning I received the following item:

The FBI is warning the public to be aware of three new fraudulent e-mails that are currently in circulation. One claims to contain "Intelligence Bulletin No. 267;" another purports to be from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI Counterterrorism Division; and the third claims to contain an FBI intelligence bulletin from the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate. Do not click on any links contained in these or similar e-mails; they are hoaxes and may contain viruses or malicious software.

Please do not forward this item.  However, if you wish to provide a link to friends and family you may use the following:!3E351816740E32BA!2207.entry

Have a great day and watch out for fraud attempts.  They are rampant.

Dennis Wilson

The Computer Guys LLC

P.S.  Have you made a backup of your documents and pictures lately?  If not, do so now.