I am pretty excited about the improvements to Internet Explorer version 8.  Yes, I know a lot of you have started using Google’s Chrome browser, or Firefox or even Opera or Flock.  But, if you have not made that switch and are still using Internet Explorer, you may want to give serious consideration to IE8.  Or, if you switched to one of the others and haven’t looked at IE in a long time, you may want to download IE8 and give a spin.  You can always use more than one browser.  I know I do.

Microsoft has several videos available on IE8 so that you can learn more about the new features and benefits of IE8.  The link we provide here, IE8 Video, takes you to the main page for their videos on IE8. 

After you watch this one, just scroll down the page a bit and you’ll see the other videos.  We feel they are worth taking the few minutes to view and should make your surfing experience a lot more enjoyable.  (Even if you fancy yourself an “expert” or very knowledgeable user, you still might learn a thing or two.)

Dennis “The Surfer” Wilson

The Computer Guys LLC