My daughter, Elizabeth Ann, began her first novel at age 15…but she has not finished it yet.  Perhaps seeing this will inspire her to begin her writing again.  If you want to see the rest of her first novel…you’ll have to encourage her to complete it.

Cassandra Lynne Montgomery

By Elizabeth Ann Wilson

January 25, 1995

-Chapter One-

Cassandra Lynne Montgomery was born July 20, 1872, in the prominent city of Paris France. She was born into an extremely wealthy, well-known family, looked upon by all of their friends as the perfect family. Little did they know.

She grew up attending the finest schools in the country, associating with only the world’s finest teachers and professors. She was also known for her fine silk and velvet dresses: they were the best money could possibly buy. She was a very spoiled child, and always received exactly what she wanted; that, and her extreme beauty, would account for her being self-centered. There was a different young man asking to court her every day. No one ever dreamed all the "happiness, love, and warmth" would die…the story begins here…


"…But mother, this is the one I want. It brings out the green in my eyes…and don’t you love the way my hair looks against silk? Oh I do look so very beautiful!"

"Cassandra dear, don’t you think it’s a little revealing? Your father would hang us both if he saw you in that…that, dress! Please Cas, how is this one? Yes, you would look absolutely beautiful in this one, and keep your life at the same time…not to mention I’d keep my husband."


"Excuse me?"

"No, mother; this is the one I want, this is the one I’m going to get! "

"But dear it’s…"

"Mother, I want this dress I have on: it’s my party! Arthur, We’ll take this one!"…….

(To be continued…..)