Ask this question of 10 users and you’ll likely get ten different answers.  So, how are you supposed to know which is the best?  Well read on….

For several years we were recommending a totally free and legal system called ClamWin.  Why?

  1. It worked and worked well, for users who knew what they were doing.
  2. It didn’t use a lot of my computer’s power to run, whereas many of the well known commercial products really slowed a computer down.
  3. It was priced right….FREE!

Times have changed though.  ClamWin was simply an Anti-virus/Anti-spyware program.  It did not do anything to protect users from malicious websites or scan files in “real-time.” 

Before we started using ClamWin, we had recommended Norton’s Anti-virus or Internet Security for many years until their 2006 version.  It was a DOG.  The horrible mess of the 2006 program caused me to not only quit recommending it, I uninstalled it from all of our systems.

The good news is, Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton Anti-virus 2009 are seriously improved!  We have started recommending and installing it on many systems.  However, we are also aware there are other systems out there and since we are a small company we do not have the resources to install and test all of them.  What can we do?  We can point you to a site that has done this for you.

If you want to read all the scoop on this yourself you are welcome to by going to or if you want, you can just know that BitDefender is rated the best by the company that puts this site up.

So what are we going to do?  Well, I’ve made a decision to order BitDefender for our own company.  I’ll let you know what I think of it in just a few days.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson


One thought on “Which Anti-virus or Internet Security System is the best?

  1. I’ve been using Avast and it’s free version and I like it quite a bit. I also pair this with Windows Defender (free) and Mozilla Firefox (free). Virus/Malware free since 2004 🙂

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