What am I talking about?  I am talking about the temptation to “click here” for anything.

Over the past few years bad guys have gotten really clever at what we refer to as “social engineering.”  What is that you may ask? 

This is where the malicious software writer knows that if he sends out thousands of emails with a phrase like “Click Here for nude pictures of (Celebrity)"  that he will trick some persons into downloading his malicious software simply by clicking on the link.

The most recent examples of this were:

Click Here for videos of the Michael Jackson memorial service.” (Perfectly innocent sounding.)

Click Here for the sex video of Erin Andrews.” (Obviously going to a “porn site” the user thinks.)

By clicking on those links you are almost immediately infected and you won’t always know it right away.  It will take a few minutes before you realize what happened.

This has resulted in some PC’s being rendered inoperable until we come and fix them.  (No we did not write this malicious software to generate repairs.)  One client is two hours away, so they paid travel time and mileage on top of the 4 man-hours to fix all the computers.

Please don’t “CLICK HERE” for anything.  Only go to reputable web sites and go to the sites by typing on the appropriate URL yourself.

If you have questions, please post them here on the Blog so that we can respond. Or if you are reluctant to let anyone know you tried to see Erin Andrews sex video, send a private email.  We are discreet when it comes to this particular type of infection.

Dennis “The Guardian” Wilson