A friend of mine told me today that he had missed the MJ Memorial and wanted to watch it on-line. So, he did a search to find it and clicked on a link.  His PC was immediately infected with a “virus” or malicious piece of software.  How did he know, his PC suddenly said “Your computer is infected. Click here to have it removed.”  This is a slick way for the malicious software writer to get your system.

What’s worse, it appears that this virus wiped out his Restore Points too.  So, he cannot simply restore to an earlier time.  We’re going to have to spend considerable time trying to disinfect it.

So, once again, the writer of this malicious software has taken advantage of “social engineering.”  He knows millions of MJ fans are searching for anything and everything they can about MJ so if he gets just 1% of MJ’s fans to click, he has infected tens of thousands of computers!

Please be careful when searching the web, never click on “unknown” or “off-brand sites.”  He now wishes he had gone to MSNBC or some other reputable site to get his information.

Happy web surfing and stay safe!

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson