I don’t know how many times over the years we’ve been asked to try to recover data, such as the stuff listed above, from computers that have died.  I truly could not begin to count the times.  However, I can tell you that we are successful some of the time.  That’s right, we can sometimes recover data from computers that have died.  But frequently, the only hope is to send the hard drive off to a firm specializing in data recovery and that can run hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If the person were using our automated unattended off-site backup program, it is a fairly simple matter to restore the data.

How is that?  When using our system the user’s computer and our backup server communicate every night and a backup of the users files are stored in a secure location on our server that only the user has access to.  We keep backups on file for a specified period of time and the user can easily recover their files without our assistance.

Please if you haven’t backed up your computer recently stop what you are doing and perform that backup NOW!  Don’t put it off because it probably won’t get done and then you’ll have to call us to try to recover your data.

If you don’t know how and don’t want to fool with this, please call us today and make arrangements for us to do it for you.