I know that title could sound bad, but there are some basics that I would love for email users to follow:

Always include a descriptive subject line.  The description should clearly reflect the content of the message.

If you use REPLY, be sure the content of the reply has to do with the subject line.  I know that may seem petty, but for those of us who try to support hundreds of users, it is very important that the Subject Lines and actual Content are related.

When using REPLY to start a new subject, PLEASE change the Subject line to match the content/body of the email. 

At The Computer Guys LLC we have literally tens of thousands of email history on file and when trying to search for a particular email it makes it very difficult to find the right one if we cannot depend on the Subject line to match the content.

Example…we have one user who almost NEVER starts a new email from scratch.  He almost always finds an email from us and hits REPLY but fails to change the subject line to match what he is writing about.  Today I spent over an hour trying to find an email about a certain subject and I have to read each and every email sent between us this calendar year because I cannot depend on the subject line as correctly reflecting the content of the email.  And, when you bill by the hour, this can get very expensive for the client.  (You might ask why that bothers me.  I don’t like having to bill for my time when it shouldn’t be necessary.)

What pet peeves do you have concerning email?  Let us know…please leave a comment on our blog.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson