What should you do if you ever delete a file and then empty the recycle bin only to realize you made a mistake? 

  • First thing to do is SHUT THE COMPUTER OFF and don’t turn it on again…period.  Don’t mess around trying to find it yourself, as you are only decreasing the chances of our retrieving that document for you.  We have specialized software tools written specifically to recover deleted data.  But the sooner you turn your PC off and quit trying to fix it yourself, the better our chances of recovering that file.
  • Next, call us at 270-344-4286 and if we don’t answer, please leave a message.  We will return the call just as soon as we can.

Some of you may be thinking that once you empty the recycle bin there is no hope of recovery.  That is not true.  We can and have recovered some documents for clients and recently even recovered their Outlook files AFTER the system was “blown away and reloaded.”  Yes, a tech, not ours, deleted the partition and reloaded everything.  However, the tech did not make a proper backup before he did this.  In theory, the user’s information was gone forever and they had TONS of information stored in folders in Outlook.  Some of this information had to do with Human Resources issues and had to be kept.  Ouch.

The computer was brought into our shop and our resident Genius Computer Tech, not me but Drew, was able to recover her stuff!  We saved the company thousands of dollars in labor to reconstruct years worth of data and perhaps some nasty non-compliance issues.  The client even said “Would it be inappropriate for me to say I love you!” after she realized we had come through.  We appreciate the love and were also rewarded with having saved the day for this firm.

Now, not all of these turn out so nice.  We have had times when we could not recover a document.  So, please please please, backup your data, including your Outlook stuff, frequently and keep the backup off site.  Don’t keep your backup right next to your PC.  Or call us to learn more about our Unattended Automated Backup server.

Please don’t panic when you make a mistake and don’t delay in calling us at 270-344-4286, we’re here to help.

Dennis “The Shining Knight” Wilson