Recently I had a situation where someone had purchased an old laptop off e-Bay for around $300 and it came with Windows ME on it.  They then spent additional funds getting it “upgraded” to Windows XP.  Later it quit working altogether.   So they ended up with around $500 in a very old non-working laptop.

This situation made me realize that there may be others who might be trying to find really good deals on used laptops and desktops and need to have a little advice.

  • Never buy a laptop that is more than five (5) years old period. No exceptions.
  • Never buy an old laptop or desktop that has Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows 2000 on it.  Again, no exceptions….especially Windows ME.
  • If your PC is running a lot slower than it used to, don’t just toss it.  Sometimes a minor tune-up can bring it back to or close to its original speed.
  • If your computer suddenly flashes a message on your screen telling you it is infected and to pay $$$ to have them remove it… someone is trying to trick you into paying them to remove something they did to your PC in the first place.
  • Never ever download music from file-sharing sites.  Think of this as unprotected sex….whatever viruses, worms and trojans they have will pass to you.  This is known as ITD’s, Internet Transmitted Destruction stuff.
  • Do not just throw old computers, monitors etc in the trash.  This stuff is classified as hazardous waste.  There is a firm in town now that will allow you to drop off all old electronic junk and they are a certified recycling firm.  They will destroy your hard drive too so you don’t have to worry about identity theft.  (Or for a fee you can bring it by our shop and we’ll wipe the hard drive for you and take it to the recycling firm for you.)

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