Many of you may have seen the TV commercials for MagicJack and thought to yourself “This sounds too good to be true!”  Well, I too thought that until….I bought one.

MagicJack is a simple USB device that you plug into any USB port on your PC and instantly, well nearly instantly turns your PC into a VoIP phone.  You can then use your PC to make and receive calls, or plug in any standard household phone and voila’  you have a true VoIP phone system.

Some of you know I recently opened a location in Owensboro so that I can be closer to the majority my client base.  I wanted a land line in my new shop but didn’t want the monthly expense of $80 or whatever for a business line.  So, for $40 annually, yet $40 a year, I have unlimited local and long distance over my Internet line.  (Which by the way is a business class 10meg pipe from Time Warner Cable.)  270-344-4286 is my Owensboro number.  Call it and see for yourself if you think the quality is acceptable!

In my shop, I have a standard 5.8GHz cordless phone connected to my magic jack.  So, I can make and receive calls on this cordless phone or I can make and receive calls right from my PC since I have a microphone hooked up too. (By the way, my mic is a combo mic and webcam so I can also use Skype for video phone calls.)

I now have a MajicJack for the house and will soon drop my house phone line.  While they do offer local phone numbers now, they still are not able to port your existing number.  But, that is coming in 2009.

Dennis “The Computer Guy” Wilson

270-344-4286 or


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