We now have  a very good solution for the problem of making backups and keeping them up-to-date: 

  The system we are describing below is a Windows Home Server and it is designed for Home Office networks of five (5) or fewer computers. 

  What does it do?  It keeps a complete image of your PC on file so that if you have a system crash, you can restore not only your operating system but all of your system settings, printers, scanners, optional software and all of your data, history etc.  This works even if you have to install a new Hard Disk in your system!

  I just performed a test on my system last week by purposely trashing my personal laptop and then restoring it.  It works almost like magic.

  The system we are offering is an HP Media-Smart EX-470 Server with Windows Home Server operating system, which is really Windows Small Business Server 2003 with an interface designed for ease of use in small networks.  This server could reside virtually anywhere in your home office.  It is very small and very quiet so it would hardly be noticeable.

  The server will have 1 – 500GB SATA drive.  It can support up to five (5) workstations (PC’s and laptops) for backup purposes. 

  The cost of the server, including installation and configuration of up to 5 workstations would be $1,499.  This price would also include a small Uninterruptible Power Supply sufficient to keep the server running for 10-15 minutes to allow a graceful shutdown should the power go out.

  We would then setup our automated unattended backup service which backs up the server each night to an off-site location.  The Backup Service would run $120 annually for each 10GB of storage space.

  Additionally, the way the server would be setup, your data files would continue to reside on the individual workstations but would be backed up every night to the server automatically.  So you end up with originals on the workstations, backups on the server and then backups on the off-site backup server.

This system also makes recovery from a crashed PC much simpler and much faster….and we’ve tested it.  It works!

  If this sounds something you’d like to implement, just let us know and we’ll give you a call.

Happy Computing…