Well, so far I am very impressed.

This little laptop was up and running in under 10 minutes.

It is very easy to use and so small and lightweight.  I am very impressed. 

Now for the specs:

Intel Atom processor


Windows XP Home


Built-in WebCam and Microphone.

Free Video Conferencing.

Runs great. Looks cool.  Easy to setup and use.

Just turned it off.  And, get this from a "cold boot" to surfing the web 70 seconds!  Wow…1 min and 10 seconds.  Really fast for a tiny Windows XP machine.

What a machine!  We can get this to you for under $500 delivered and with the initial configuration ready to go.  If you want to pick one up yourself and do all the work, you can save even more.

More in a few days..