I mentioned in my last entry that we spent Independence Day in West Virgina.  And I mentioned that we went hiking in the mountains at 2,000 feet above sea level.  What I didn’t mention is this….
As a small technology company owner I am always "on duty" and carry my business phone with me whereever I go.  Something really cool happened while I was hiking in the wilderness in the mountains of West Virginia at 2,000 feet above sea level.
A customer had a server that was giving some problems and he sent an email to me, not knowing where I was.  I received that email and made some calls, sent some email and did some text messaging all while on that hike.  I made arrangements for a tech to make a service call.
It turned out to be a hard drive going out on the server and we replaced it and had him back in operation this morning before his day began.  And, he runs a retail operation so it was critical to get him going again ASAP.
So, Verizon’s commercial about it being about the network is so very true. There is no way I’d trust my business to anyone but Verizon!  Can I hear you now?  You bet I can!
By the way, we can even control your computer from our smart phone now, but elected to have a tech on site for this server issue.  I haven’t figured out how to replace a hard drive without being on-site!
Dennis "The Connected I.T. Guy" Wilson