The following text was copied from an FBI site to which I subscribe.  I thought this was a good explanation of why you need to be very careful of unsolicited email and spam.  It is more than annoying.  Please read the little snippet below and then to see the rest of it, click on the link at the end.


They had quite a gig going, until a coalition of feds and foreign partners busted it up.

In a pair of related cases announced on Monday, a total of 38 people with links to global organized crime—mostly working out of Romania and the U.S., but also operating in Pakistan, Portugal, and Canada—were indicted for engineering a decidedly 21st century cyber-based scheme.

It was rooted in what has become a fairly routine online crime: “phishing,” a form of cyber seduction where you get an e-mail that looks like it’s from your bank or another trusted institution but is really a way to con you into giving up personal information (PINs, social security numbers, credit card information, etc.)…along with its up-and-coming second cousin, “smishing,” which carries on the same ruse via text messaging.