Want to swap books with other book lovers?  You can thanks to BookMooch.com and other trading sites. 
Look at the following which came from a site I read quite often Cnet News.
BookMooch now has an inventory of about 480,000 books among its 70,000 trading members, but at its growth rate it should rival Ingram Book Company’s 1 million books by early 2009, Buckman said. BookMooch’s decentralized warehouse of books serves the long tail the same way that centralized warehouses like those of Ingram’s serves the top of the tail.

"This is meant to be a noncommercial business, with no ads and no fees. We’re just trying to do something fun and huge–like be the biggest bookstore on the planet," said Buckman, who sits on the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and European equivalent, the Open Rights Group. "It seems to me we should be able to trade more books than Amazon sells."

BookMooch isn’t alone in appealing to people’s desire to trade books or consume in a more earth-friendly way. Novel Action, Bookswap.com, and Swaptree.com are just a few of the sites that let members trade books.