Some of you know that I work with Keith Hudson on a lot of projects.  What some of you don’t know is that Keith is a daredevil!  Wink
Keith and I are working on a project to install a wireless network for the Posey County Water District.  As part of this project we are mounting antenna’s to the top of the water tower in the Marrs District.  Keith and his son Garrett had to climb to the top of the water tower Saturday and I took a few pics.
Now, some of you may be asking why I wasn’t up there too.  Well, now you know who the smartest one in the bunch is!  Open-mouthed
Actually, I would have loved to have done the climb, but my old knees wouldn’t have made it up and down both.  Keith would have had to call 911 to get me down I am sure.  That would not have been pretty or fun.
I added all the photos to my album but posted one here to show you how brave they were.Posey County Wireless ProjectKeith and Garrett actually let go of the ladder and trusted their safety harnesses!  Now, who is the smartest one?