The following statement was collected on the Internet on Friday Jan 25th, 2008.  I personally spoke with the victim this afternoon to verify the authenticity.  This event really did take place in good ole’ Owensboro KY.  The good news is, the police caught the guy this afternoon!  But, still there are more creeps out there.
I have hidden the identity of the victim at her request. 
Last night after work I stopped by WalMart.

While pushing my buggy through the parking lot I noticed a white truck behind me.
He was driving very slow, but that is what you’re supposed to do in parking lots.
He finally passed me, I put my groceries in the trunk, returned my buggy and started to pull out of the parking lot.  The white truck was behind me.  I didn’t think a lot of this until I had to change lanes on Hwy 54 and the white truck changed lanes with me.  By the time I pulled into my subdivision I had convinced myself I was being very silly thinking someone had followed me.  I still looked into my rearview mirror before hitting my garage door button.  There was no one there.  I opened the garage door, got out of the car, played with (pet name omitted) gathered up the trash, took the totter down to the curb, got the mail, picked up a coke bottle someone threw in my yard, took the groceries into the house (2 trips), then I shut the garage door.  The whole time I was doing this the man in the white truck was watching me with binoculars. 
Luckily while he was watching me my neighbors were watching him.  When the man got out of his truck and headed toward my back gate my neighbor’s husband followed him.  When confronted the man got back into his truck and drove away, my neighbors immediately knocked on my door to let me know what was going on.
Ladies, I’m telling you this to remind you to be careful.
Gentlemen, I’m telling you this to remind the ladies in your life to be careful.