Do you get a lot of voice messages? 

      Do you get tired of listening to every single message in the order they are received just to get to the important one?

      Do you use a lot of valuable air time, not to mention production time, listening to all of those messages?

      Do you find yourself listening to some of them 2 or 3 times to get all the info and check your notes to make sure you wrote it down right?


Then you need SpinVox!  Shortly after a caller leaves a voice message, SpinVox will transcribe their message and send it to me in email.  I can then look at it on my smart phone and if I want to return the call, by just clicking on the number SpinVox displays as the number the call from, and my phone will dial the number.


      No airtime!

      No spending time wading through a bunch of messages!

      No looking for a piece of paper in my car to write your message and number on!

      No fumbling to dial your number!

      AND…I have a permanent record of exactly what you said verified via third party.


Guess what….the service is completely free and pretty accurate.  Well it is for now.  I don’t know how long the company will keep it free, but it’ll be great while you have it. 


If you want more info on this, or any other topic you see, please let us know.