Important Warning about an Internet Worm
PC World announced today that a major, and they do mean major, worm outbreak is happening today.  (April 13, 2007)
Please go to the following link for more info:
I don’t like to send out notices like this but felt this was worth doing. 
Below is a quote from the first part of the article at the above link…

"A huge virus surge of a new Storm Worm variant is flooding e-mail inboxes and evading many antivirus programs. In my tests of 31 programs, only four reported a virus.

Postini, an e-mail security company, says that over the last 24 hours it has seen about 55 million virus e-mails, about 60 times the daily average. The first e-mails had romance-themed subjects: "A kiss so gentle," or "I dream of you," for instance. The latest batch attempts to fool readers–with subjects like "Worm Alert!" or "Virus Alert!"–into thinking they are already infected and need to apply a supplied patch–an attached virus."