This post was originally input BEFORE the change.  However, due to a little delay, we did not get the e-newsletter out BEFORE the change.  However, you should still load the patches…both the Windows XP patch and the Outlook Patch.

This is no joke.  It is a fact.  Daylight Savings Time will begin 3 weeks earlier this year and last one week later adding a total of 4 weeks to DST.  Below is a snippet from The Washington Post and a link to the full story.  You really ought to take time to read this story to see the potential impact.

Countdown to Confusion
By Charles Babington and Tomoeh Murakami Tse
Updated: 03/03/2007

Perhaps the worst that will happen in millions of offices on the second Monday in March is that caffeine-deprived workers will wonder why their automatic coffeemakers failed to perk on schedule. In less lucky workplaces, however, employees might miss meetings, overbook conference rooms or inaccurately record the time or date of important financial transactions.

For the first time in 20 years, daylight saving time will not start on the first Sunday in April. Instead, it will begin three weeks earlier, at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March, the 11th.

Devices from the tiniest BlackBerry to the largest mainframe computer must be updated to ensure their internal clocks "spring forward" by one hour at the right moment rather than on the old date, which has been written into countless programs. Similarly, they must be reprogrammed to revert to standard time a week later than usual, on Nov. 4. Congress decided in 2005 to expand daylight saving time by four weeks, starting this year, in hopes of conserving energy by pushing more human activity into sunlit hours.


Countdown to Confusion –

If you need assistance updating your systems The Computer Guys LLC is available.  If you aren’t sure whether your system needs to be updated, here is a link to a Microsoft Website showing all of their products and indicating whether you need an update or not.

By the way, please enter a comment on this blog to let us know how you feel about Daylight Savings Time.  Personally, I wish we would change the clocks and leave them be!  I don’t like the time changes and never have.


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