I cannot tell you how often I get a PC in that is so dusty inside and the air-flow vents restricted that I don’t know why it hasn’t burned out already!
I know many of you may never think about cleaning your computer, but you really should.  I don’t mean cleaning as in cleaning out all the junk that gets on your computer.  Let a professional do that.  I am talking about physically cleaning the dirt and dust out of it, even an amatuer can do this.
Something as simple as buying a can of compressed air at your local Radio Shack and blowing the dust out of the vents can make a big difference.  (If you visit either of the Radio Shacks in Owensboro ask for Josh Thompson at the mall RS or for Jacob at the RS in Wesleyan Park Plaza.)
However, for the really brave, I’ve included a link to a Microsoft site that has an article about how to do a thorough cleaning.  https://www.microsoft.com/athome/moredone/cleancomputer.mspx
Disclaimer:  The Computer Guys LLC takes no responsibility for any damage to any of your equipment should your PC or other equipment stop working after you clean it.

One thought on “Cleaning your computer may extend its life!

  1. damm…this is the most i have ever done on one site……..well this is so very true and any of your readers i have 2 say this is something that should be takein very inportin i work with computers as i make them and at times i have been givein a computer and they had said it dos not work it gets way to hot or this is no working or this…..and many times i open it up to see what is going on…..it is only dust and dust can all so chuke out and stop power from being able to go to one thing or another so YES clean out your computers i have to say avery 6months and for anyone who needs or wants to learn about how to clean out files from your computer i have a safe way of doing so with out doing nothing to your computer and i have put it in small tearms so it should be ezly understandable the page is linden940.spaces.live.com

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