Below are the opening paragraphs to the latest entry on Mitch’s Blog.  Mitch is in his 50’s and serving in the military in Iraq. I believe you will find his blog very inspirational.
Well, as I told you in the brief email, the official word has finally come down and we are extended.  It’s kind of strange that so many of us volunteered but only for specified amount of time.  For myself that date was May 1st but since the Brigade was coming back early in March, my choice was to remain in Iraq with a third Brigade here (which I was not going to do) for at least another six months or return home (which was my intent).  Now, it looks like I will be here until at least the end of July unless I hear otherwise.

So, now the question on everyone’s mind is how do I really feel about it?  Since some of you know me and others are learning about me, you can understand that I analyze almost everything.  With that in mind here is what I think. 

 On the negative side, I am away from my family, friends and church.  I am in a war zone in which occasionally ….



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  1. You don’t think about any soldiers being older than mid 20s. Mitch age may make his armor and equipment feel heavier, but it has brought him a wisdom that, most likely, many of his fellow soldiers don’t posses. I am encouraged by this in that, when we feel like our lives are out of our control we need to remember that they are. God is sovereign and we can only choose to be obedient in the situations he puts us in.

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