"Many home PC users may have been infected after a large-scale sustained Trojan horse attack that took place over the weekend, security vendors believe.

The Trojan, named "Storm Worm" by antivirus vendor F-Secure, first started to spread on Friday as extreme storms engulfed Europe. The e-mail claimed to include breaking news about the weather, in an attempt to get people to download an executable file."

The above paragraphs are a direct quote from a source I in use frequently.  Please go to the following site to read the whole story:


The bottom-line is, never open attachments from anyone unless:

  • The person sent you an email notifying you they were about to send an attachment. (This is quite different than sending you an email telling you they’re going to send you an email.  We’re talking "attachments.")
  • Called you to let you know they were sending an attachment.
  • You called them to verify they indeed did send you an attachment.
  • Or you are expecting an attachment due to a previous conversation.

Why is this?  These types of nasty things can start sending out email from your friends and associates without their knowledge.  So it may look like your best friend just sent you an attachment, but they didn’t…their PC did and if you open it, you get infected and start spreading the infection…and so on.

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One thought on “Well, here is a new warning…please read and heed!

  1.    I recently received a email that was from a friend and it was one of the chain letter type it instructed the reciepient to forward to 7 others so i was gonna i clicked on forward and my god the thing went whacko all these windows started opening and i couldnt close them down when i finally got off the net I got busy in the kitchen and notice my music to my screen saver stopped i looked on my screen and my anti virus was displaying worm across it when  i moved my mouse it disappeared this happened friday 1-26-07 so i ran a virus on it and it came up with nothing i did not open an attachment on my email but did click on forward im a little baffled to say the least maybe someones idea of fun or could these virus be evolving in to something different? just a question you may be able to answer for me and others thanks.

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